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    A G R E E M E N T 
    ..Please read the following carefully and fully before you retain our services..

    This is Project Financing International’s (PFI)  "Agreement" by which we conduct business with potential borrowers and/or potential borrowers' agents/ consultants/ brokers/ representatives or any person/ company/ business associated with such borrowers and Fund Sources. 

    PFI’s services are subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. 

    By completing any required form by us or by any of our Funding Sources you the "User" represent that you are 18 years old or older and understand, acknowledge, and agree to the following: 

      1) The term "User" refers to the person and /or the company that completed our Financing Inquiry Form process or applied to us for financing without the completion of our Financing Inquiry Form. 

      2) PFI makes no claims about its ability to derive capital through the services offered. Borrowers and lenders must seek such derive on their own after they have been introduced to each other. 

      3) PFI takes no part in the funding decision making. However, as part of our services, you the "User" will be offered our expert advice from time to time. Such advice is not intended to be construed as "legal" advice and must not be considered "legal" advice in any way whatsoever.

      4) PFI hereby advises its "Users" to perform due diligence on Potential Funding Sources and to consult an attorney prior to advancing any fees or signing any contracts. 

      5) PFI reserves the right to exclude or suspend “Users” holding themselves out to be Loan Applicants or Funding Sources for whatever reason PFI deems necessary to protect the interests of PFI and its “Users” and Associates. 

      6) All information gathered and/or offered by PFI is the sole property of PFI which retains the right to transmit that information to third parties of their sole choice for the purpose of securing the funds for the “User”. 

      7) Confidentiality: The "User" and PFI hereby agree, during the life of PFI and after reading and agreeing to this Agreement, to consider each other's information as Confidential Information and to hold it in strict confidence. Confidential Information shall include, but not be limited to, all technical, commercial, business and other information relating to PFI's services, clients, sources and business activities and plans (both current and proposed).

      8) The "User" and Funding Sources hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless PFI and all of its officers, directors and shareholders from any and all liability that may result from the use of PFI’s services and will retain no liability or responsibility in regards to any dealings that may occur between “Users” searching for capital and the Funding Sources offered to them. 

      9) “Users” of PFI’s services agree to be bound by and comply with all the above terms.

    Comments or Questions:

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