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    Executive Summary
    An Executive Summary must be in English, all figures must be in US Dollars and must include the following:

    1. Presentation of Project Owner/Borrower and Company:
    o Company name, full address, phone, fax, e-mail address and telex number.
    o Founder of company and board of directors.
    o Main activities (personal and company).
    o Related experience of borrower/s.
    o Authorized capital/paid-up capital and self-financing amount so far.
    o Shareholders' names with percentage of shareholding.

    2. Project description, Location and Site:
    o Name of Project.
    o Exact location and address.
    o Description of Project (concept and type).
    o Land Area (measurements, zoning, etc.) if applicable.

    3. Breakdown of main project cost components:
    o Cost of land.
    o Infrastructure cost.
    o Construction cost.
    o Furniture, fixtures and equipment.
    o Soft cost.
    o All fees, financial charges and expenses.
    o Working Capital (if applicable).
    o Unforeseen charges.

    4. Financial Projections:
    o A 5 year brief profit/loss, cash flow projection.
    o If purchasing an existing venture, provide last 3 year profit/loss statements.

    5. Loan required:
    o Loan Amount.
    o Term of Loan: Loan term/period inclusive of construction and/or grace period.
    o Grace Period Required.
    o Interest.
    o Draw Down Schedule.

    6. Equity/Security/Guarantees/Guarantor/Collateral offered:
    o If none and/or only share position available please state percentage position.
    o Breakdown of Equity presently available.
    o First charge position on project (first mortgage), if applicable.
    o Other additional guarantees to be offered, i.e. cash, bank guarantees etc., if applicable.
    o Post Asset Value of Project stating which market value this is based on i.e. :
    a full breakdown listing current market values of both fixed and movable assets at the end of the "DEVELOPMENT" (Short description of figures if necessary).

    7. Appraisal:
    o Project's total investment cost.
    o Total cost incurred to date.
    o Estimated present value of project or assets.
    o Estimated future value of project when completed.
    o Appraisers contact information, expertise and references.

    8. Use Of Loan Funds:
    o Development.
    o Initial operation.
    o Paying off outstanding debts and obligation.

    9. Management and Employment:
    o Management structure, expertise background and references.
    o Figures and levels of employment created.

    10. Competition:
    o Market situation.
    o Similar businesses in the area, type, number.
    o  Competitors' impact on the project.

    11. Environmental Impact Assessment and Conservation:
    o Effect of project on environment.
    o Effect of project on conservation.

    12. Humanitarian:
    o Assistance to the community.

    13. Author:
    o Name of person authorized to compile summary and contact details
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